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:new: 2008-07-21


  1. Turn the notebook onto its lid and remove the power plug and battery
  2. Remove the screws of the top left cover and open it. You will find the CPU-Cooler.
    The area accessible through the top-left opening on the bottom side
  3. Now remove the 4 screws of the Cooler and also the Cooler itself. The BIOS battery is now accessible through a fishplate.
    The green arrow marks the location of the connector of the CPU fan
  4. Short the battery’s poles with a screwdriver at the red mark for about 2-5 seconds. After that, the BIOS settings should be deleted.
  5. Refit everything and take special care to the CPU-Cooler, since a damage to the Dye (the dark rectangular thing in the middle of the CPU) is a death sentence to the CPU. And NEVER boot the notebook without CPU-Cooling!

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