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Samsung SE-T084M

The SE-T084M is an external USB burner with everything but BluRay burning.



RPC1 means removing the region code or region-switching lock from the drive. Normally the DVD drive is set to your region (1..5) so that you can only play DVDs from your region. You can change this region 5 times with the last change being permanently.

RPC1 means removing this limit. Also you can sometimes set your drive to region code 0 which will allow you to play DVDs of any region.

You can enable RPC1 by using MCSE.

Windows XP will continue to show a X changes left in the region settings. But this is a software lock. Open RegEdit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft. There you’ll find a key with strange characters (something like ';t-z%) which contains a single REG_QWORD value. Delete the whole key and you’ll be back at 5 changes left.