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Rockbox on FUZE

This only works for FUZEv1 models. If your firmware version (see System SettingsInfo) begins with 2., you have a v2 model and trying to use this Rockbox could render your device useless!


Please read the instructions in the official RockBox for FUZE manual.


The display of the FUZE has 220x176 pixels and therefore the same dimension as the iPod Color/Photo or the iRiver H3xx.


The following instructions are not neccessary anymore as the rbutil now supports the FUZE

Use the rbutil to generate .voice files. Then open the file .rockbox/langs/english.voice (or whatever language you just created) up in a hex editor and change the Byte at position 0x07 to 0x35 = 53d, the target ID of the Fuze. Now it should be recognized. You can find all target IDs in the rbutil.ini.