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:new: 2009-06-26

RSA/Safeword Tokens

The P800 had an integrated RSA and SafeWord Token generator. For the iPhone there is a SecurID application in the app store.

Here are some example initialization infos.

RSA SecurID Example data

Serial# Activation License
50453047 A4X3453NKFV8T2Y3JP093D3W91XUB
50525683 A9U4453M6W434MDEGEGKMM3YTK9BM

(Taken from this PDF.)

SafeWord Example data

Serial# Authorization Code Key Phrase
00000123 2325134541-20609 muster=baloneys=climb=offer
99991001 4193215130-26411 elastomer:scantness:decathlon:acidified
99991002 1792530354-64939 daubs@billeting@torments@consisted
99991003 745943421-56800 racquets@baked@purebred@frisking
99991004 1677991100-26956 benzoin%gonged%blockader%gleamed
99991005 2200844912-50759 minor;casement;elide;expose

(Taken from the file mpass.dat from this file.)