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appcelerator Titanium Framework

    Generate JSDoc file for your IDE

    To get auto-completion for the Titanium framework, you have to let your IDE know of all available methods and properties. Most IDEs can do this by parsing a JavaScript file. If you add JSDoc tags to it, you will even have descriptions, parameter hints, etc.

    For more information about JSDoc, take a look at these links:

    My very first try was with the 0.8.3 API and I created a JSDoc tagged JavaScript file by hand. The file is still available here: titanium.js

    Now there’s a file apicoverage.json available from the Titanium Mobile Git repository which contains names and descriptions of all the functions. You just have to get this into JavaScript code for your IDE to understand.

    I wrote a Python3 script, which parses the JSON of the apicoverage.json file and generates a dummy JavaScript file for your IDE. To get that file, first run:

    wget -N

    After that, download this script, put it into the same directory and on Linux make it executable (chmod a+x

    Now you only have to run this command: > Titanium.js

    or on Windows run this (make sure you installed Python 3.x.x):

    python.exe > Titanium.js

    Problems in Linux

    Doesn’t start on Lucid

    If Titanium Developer doesn’t start on Ubuntu Lucid complaining about /usr/lib/, go to $TITANIUM/runtime/linux/1.0.0 and delete the files libgobject*, libglib*, libgio* and libgthread*. Maybe repeat that in older versions of the Runtime.


    Can’t install to device

    If you can’t install apps to your device connected via USB, check the list of attached devices running the following command (from the Android SDK):

    $ ./adb devices
    List of devices attached 
    ????????????    no permissions

    If you get a device listed as ???????????? no permissions, do the following:

    $ sudo ./adb kill-server
    $ sudo ./adb start-server
    $ ./adb devices
    List of devices attached 
    HT9CVPxxxxxx    device

    See this thread for details.