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:new: 2009-12-05 :wavy_dash: :up: 2011-08-31

Rip YouTube videos/audio

The tools you need are described on There’s also the nice youtube-dl package. One thing I noticed: the ffmpeg command there re-encodes the audio which might loose some quality. To just dump the audio off the Flash video, use:

ffmpeg -i somevideo.flv -acodec copy output.mp3

This is for 240px videos. All larger ones use AAC format. Use this:

ffmpeg -i somevideo.flv -acodec copy output.aac
ffmpeg -i somevideo.mp4 -acodec copy output.aac

If you happen to have the latest webm format, use this:

ffmpeg -i somevideo.webm -vn -acodec copy output.ogg

This will just extract the audio track without doing anything to it.

You could also try