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:new: 2010-07-13

Restore Windows 7 MBR

If you installed Windows XP after Windows 7, you’re left with the XP-MBR on your drive and thus only XP is booting.

If you happen to have hardware, which produces the Code 5 error upon trying to boot from the Win7-DVD, you can do the following to restore the Win7-MBR from within XP:

  1. boot into XP and insert the Win7-DVD
  2. open a Command Prompt
  3. navigate to the ?:\boot\ directory of the Win7-DVD (with ? being the letter of your DVD drive)
  4. run the following command: (with C: being the drive where Windows 7 is installed)

     bootsect.exe /nt60 C: /mbr
  5. reboot and use EasyBCD to add Windows XP to the Win7-Bootloader

On you’ll find instructions on how to create a Win7-DVD with the Vista-Bootloader so that you don’t get the Code 5 anymore.

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